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Our child care started operations almost four decades ago in the early 1980’s and has since provided child care services to thousands of parents. We are one of the oldest child care facilities in Downtown Calgary. 

Effective May 2020, our centre in Downtown is newly renovated along with Montessori Curriculum. We encourage outdoor and indoor learning with beautiful spaces that inspire them everyday. The Montessori method believes that children learn best when they learn with their hands. We create a tactile, hands on environment that allows our children to discover, learn and explore.

Our childcare provides an engaging early child-care education program in Downtown Calgary built upon the classical methods of Maria Montessori. Our school puts children on a path that embraces creativity, builds self-awareness and helps them develop the academic skills, physical tools and personal confidence necessary for lifelong success.

It has been widely documented in scientific research, including the Mischel, Ebbesen and Zeiss “Marshmallow” study at Stanford, that these early years are the most important in your child’s emotional and educational growth – a time when the mind, both neurologically and figuratively, is at its most receptive and adaptive.

We recognize our profound responsibility to make the most of these formative years and inculcate a love of learning that will serve your children for the rest of their lives.

What is Montessori Education

Dr. Maria Montessori believed that one method does not fulfill everyone’s requirement since learning capacity, interests, and pace vary for every individual. To fill this gap, she created an environment that is capable of accommodating an abundance of activities and interests. Thus, she formulated the idea of the Montessori method of education that concentrates on the needs of every single child. Here, children are taught as they learn through their passions. Eventually we prepare the children to learn naturally, and not conditionally.

Based on her observations on what children enjoy to do, she designed several methodologies and tools for the sensorial, practical, lingual and cultural developments. In order to have a self-directed learning environment, the entire atmosphere, including the classroom, materials, and social setting has to be child friendly and supportive. In a Montessori school, all the required resources along with a platform for a safe and positive environment is provided. A relationship based on trust and respect is developed between the child and us, and this nurtures self-confidence and motivation in the child to try new things in life.

This methodology was exclusively built to bring in a right balance between the freedom of education and a structured approach for small children. In this methodology of teaching, the children learn in an exciting and motivating environment, where all the activities are well formulated to meet the needs of the kids.

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