FAQ and Resources

FAQ's and Resources

DCMCC uses the Montessori Method of early childhood education. It is child led and focuses on the building confidence, social skills and a love and passion for learning. You can find out more in our Learn More area here

Each day is different at DCMCC, but some things never change – our children work with a broad range of Montessori Materials and activities to help nurture their individual development and create a purposeful learning environment that is safe and caring.

Yes! Our on-site cook creates delicious and nutritious meals for our children every day. That includes breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. Meal times are all about full tummies and smiling faces here at our Centre! We follow Alberta Nutrition Guidelines to make sure that your children are getting the best start to life, with nutritionally balanced and science backed menus, full of fresh food and great flavours.

We supply all meals and Stationeries. We ask that each day you make sure your child has a water bottle, sunscreen, extra change of clothes, diapers, indoor and outdoor shoes, sheets if they are napping and that their hat is in their bag or on their head!

These programs are subject to change so please call us at on 403-265-5781 to find out about any upcoming vacation programs.

We want parents and families to be as involved as possible. The more engaged you can be, the more value your child will get from their learning. To help facilitate this we use the HiMAMA Child Care App  to keep you up-to-date on all the happenings in the Centre. Don’t forget, we are also always here to answer any questions you have in person or over the phone!



Articles and Reports

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This Huffington Post article is written by a Head of School and supporter of the Montessori Method. The author explains why she values Montessori and the benefits she has witnessed firsthand.

This famous Wall Street Journal article extols the virtues of the Montessori Method and how it teaches and enables the creativity and free thinking that has produced well-known entrepreneurs like the founders of Amazon, Google, and Wikipedia.


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