“Play is the work of the child” 

Our Kindergarten Programme

Downtown Calgary Montessori offers both half day and full day Kindergarten programs for our students in the year that they turn 5 years old. This is the final, and most important year, in the completion of the early childhood Montessori Education Programme. The mixed aged classrooms enable students in their Kindergarten year to cultivate their leadership skills, hone their academic abilities and delve deeper into social and academic pursuits.

Monday through Friday, students attend class for the whole day (two three-hour class periods with a supervised lunch block in between). 

Children who participate in the first classroom in the morning, move to the second classroom for the afternoon and vice versa. The Kindergarten year is the final year in a child’s most formative period and the opportunity to develop their leadership, mentorship, academic and interpersonal skills will never be as important to nourish as it is during this time. 

The learning that takes place in the Kindergarten year is the final component and solidification of the expertise that they have achieved. It solidifies the key skills, academic and personal growth that the child has been building towards in their previous years and hence prepares them for Grade 1.  

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