Montessori Curriculum


Practical life materials and exercises respond to the young child’s natural interests to develop physical coordination, fine motor skills, care of self and the environment. This area encourages independence and prepares the child for reading and writing concurrently.


The Sensorial materials provide a range of activities and exercises for children to experience the natural order of the physical environment, including such attributes as size, color, shape and dimension. This area prepares the child indirectly for mathematics.


The Montessori Mathematics materials are provided to show such basic concepts as numeration, place value, addition, subtraction, divisionand multiplication.


The Montessori Language materials provide experiences to develop use of a writing instrument and the basic skills ofreading a written language.


The Cultural curriculum provides a wide array of activities including learning about the continents of the world and their uniqueness such as animals and habitats. Montessori Culture activities include pictures of the places and people of the continents, book and flags of the world. Children learn the names of the continents, oceans and countries of the world. They learn through “hands-on” materials such as puzzle maps of the world.

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